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i'll trace your hands in mine, so that your always with me [entries|friends|calendar]

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[17 Nov 2005|08:36pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

well, i got my tattoo machines today and tommys got some stuff for me so i can start right away...i cant wait to start tattooin i already got tons of designs and drawing ready...so anyone in the oakland aread or san fran let me know in a couple months if you want some cheap old school tradition work done! cause i think i am gonna stick to that.

some more cds thats rule!

25 ta life-friendship/loyalty/commitment
25 ta life-hatez be damned
north side kings-organizing the nieghborhood
no innocent victium

god i cant think right now i will write more later right now everyones calling me for hamburgers so i'm out peace!

from the start all i had to offer you was my heart

its been years! [30 Oct 2005|03:28pm]
[ mood | happy ]

yeah so i haven't wrote in this in about a year so i guess since i am bored out of my mind and have nothing better to do i guess i will...so much has happened in the last year like wow...hmm let me see, we moved back to providence/mass, area like 4 months ago and only lived there for like 3 months and realized mass sucks, even though i love providence, we were pretty much there everyday...we drove back just like we drove out...the best part was getting there and leaving for sure...the trip was fun so many random hotels and resteraunts and people hhaha...the past year and a half has been probobly one of the funnest years ever...i cant believe i wasted so much time in a shit whole with douche bags...even though theres only a few douche bags...i miss a lot of my friends from mass...the drives back and forth were nutz i seriously drove like the whole way and i have never been so tired...i drove for like 24 hours ahah...we were bored in like texas i think and decided to randomly get texas tattoos haha...so me and alair went to this shop in amarillo and got pin up cowgirls haha...hers has a smoking gun and mine is just looking sexy haha...on man i just noticed since anyone on my friends list has seen me i have gotten so much ink haha...concidering we live with tommy our tat artist in oakland haha he tats us for freeeee!...i'm really into the old school, sailor jerry shit i guess now cause i got more of that stuff than anything haha...i think the best new tat i got well not really new i had it when we moved back to mass like 4 months ago but its an ex girlfriend tat...hahahhaha...its her head with arrows and blood all over it....it seriously looks just like her if you know who i'm talking about hahaha...i got my whole left arm finished and my left leg, and now i am working on my right leg and covering all that shit from high school on my right arm...but tommy said it will be easy....i think i'm getting my chest next...but besides tattoos...life has been amazing and i have never been happier....i love california..and i love alair...oh and i shaved everything after i left mass 4 months ago hahaha..i had a huge beard and the shaggy hair deal now i have a shaved head and no beard haha...yeah so much has happened i cant even think...but i am happy with my life and happy with everyone in it and everyone whos out of it...i've decided i am gonna be a tattoo artist concidering thats all i do now...tommy is gonna be teaching me in his shop...oh me and my friends ryan and miles finally started our brutal hardcore band, its seriously the funnest thing...i've been drawing up our old school logos and shit and everyone has been helping us with the recordings and shows...john from allegiance has hooked us up left an right with like everything hhaha...we sound like: death threat, skarhead, full blown chaos, first blood, modern life is war, and like american nightmare its awesome...we haven't decided on our name yet but we have mean streets, and thick as thieves...not sure what we're gonna pick...so i guess i'm gonna be in the overtime crew...kyle from before i wake wants me to go to all these shows with them...yeah so i've been trying to gain wieght...it is seriously the hardest thing...alls i gain is muscle...so yeah i am starting to look like a buff bald beast who sings for a brutal hardcore band haha...oh and its been a year and a couple months since i have drank haha...thats something new...well i think i am gonna go play some nintendo..oh yeah haha me and alair bought an old nintendo at the flea market its amazing we play mario 3 all the time its so fun..yeah so i think i'm gonna go do that now...be sure and watch for my new bands shit on myspace or whatever it will be one of those names...yeah i'm out lates!<3

some amazing cds you should have or die:

the agony scene-the darkest red
full blown chaos-wake the demons
death threat-now here fast
embrace the end-counting hallways to the left
the recieving end of sirens-Between the Heart and the Synapse
set your goals
the misfits-famous monsters
a dozen furies- the cycle
life in your way-ignite and rebuild
copeland-in motion
killing the dream-in place, apart

i just remebered something john from allegiance makes videos for bands haha and he asked me and alair to be in the new up and coming killing the dream video so watch for that on the deathwish site..there gonna so me with my head in my hands and thinking about being with alair and stuff haha its funny anyways bye!<3

2i'm sorry that wasn't enough| from the start all i had to offer you was my heart

[06 Feb 2005|01:47pm]
[ mood | busy ]

so today me and alair are going to buffalo exchange, where you trade in cloths for money...we have gotten so much money in the past its rediculous...yeah so alairs birthday just past and mines coming up as well as cyrus, arron, noelles, seths, audrys, and more but i am brain dead right now cause alair is asking me all these questions at the same time...so yeah me, alair, cyrus, audry, melissa and kyle, arron, amanda, and more are taking the train to the city to go eat at cheesecake factory for our bdays haha...should be fun...we hung out with cyrus and arron last night its was hillariously fun...we watched that white castle movie, sooo funny haha..then we decided to go t wal mart and look at movies and star wars guys haha so fun...me and alair might be moving to richmond soon hopefully, with her uncle whos awesome...yeah well alair wants me to help her go through the cloths so i should probobly go...so yeah happy birthday to NOELLE, since i aint gonna be around foryours but everyone else i will see you on the 12th hopefully if everything works out good..ok byes<3

2i'm sorry that wasn't enough| from the start all i had to offer you was my heart

tahoe nevada [31 Jan 2005|03:07pm]
[ mood | hot ]

soooo...my weekend was pretty cool...we went to tahoe and hung out...we stayed at a motel...it was the funniest thing ever..it was small and so cold when we first got there...i turned the heat on all the way haha...it got so hott in there...we took showers to warm it up to lol...we walked around and went to all the casinos and stuff..went out to eat couple times...then saterday night was the ginblossoms concert at a casino...me and alair dressed up all fansy and did our hair all cool haha...it was fun...the gin blossoms were great...they played every song me and alair wanted to here...then after that like every casino was packed so we just kinda walked around and checked out all the other weird house bands playing everywhere haha... it was great...then sunday morning checkout was at 11 so we had to wake up kinda ealry and leave...so we took the pillows and ran to the car..soo funny hah...then we went home and when we got back to california it was so hott and nice..we went got a bunch of junk food and went to the beach and hung out for a while it was fun...i felt like i was getting a tan...today its so hott outside..its crazy...alairs at work right now and i'm at dvc bored on this comp yeah...well...i am gonna drive back to the mall and hang out with her...i think her break is soon...oh yeah me and alair got new tattoos the are sexy haha...yeah but i am gonna go because it is so nice out...eeeee...ok byes<3

6i'm sorry that wasn't enough| from the start all i had to offer you was my heart

[21 Jan 2005|11:37pm]
I LOVE ALAIR!!<33333333
12i'm sorry that wasn't enough| from the start all i had to offer you was my heart

[19 Jan 2005|04:26pm]
[ mood | geeky ]

sooooooooooooooooo i haven't written in this thing in a while...probobly cause i been busy..yep..so yeah alair and ellissa are in class right now and i was tired of driving around so i came home and decided to go online how cool anyways things have been alright...lots of stuff going down...i miss mass a lot and some people but i'll get over it...the trip to mass with alair was so funny...the plane ride up was hillarious...then when we got there it was so cold omg i have never been so cold alair was like omg wtf haha..my dad and papa picked me and her up at logan and we went to my nanas for a while it was alright..then we went back to my dads and me and alair decided to take the car and go and and do some stuff so we went to emerald and newbury comics cause they dont have that shizzy in mass...i got some stuff cause i had lots of money from working so much...then the next night we took the car again and drove to the taunton mall with chris and ginger...it was pretty lame concidering we had to see lame people, not mentioning any names ::kerri and sean:: cough cough...then we dropped chris and ginger off after a while and decided to see what davey was up to so i gave him a call and it was like 12pm and we decided to drive down and see them boys in fall river...it was great i got to see dave, jared, scott, steve(blah), and kyle it was great dropping dave off at his house was emotional i felt like i was gonna cry the whole time and dave kept hugging me and saying how much he missed my goofyness, same with jared haha...i miss those boys yeah...so then we drove home and went to sleep the next day we were off to philly to visit my dads gf and her family it was kinda lame except for me seth and alair going to south street and almost getting in a fight with these ghetto guys of the street haha...then later the next day we all opened present and stuff...me and seth(my little brother), bonded the best we ever have it was awesome i was sad leaving him behind i wish he could have come...he said he wants to come visit me and what not i said deff...alair liked seth as well and he liked her which was cool...cause seth really never liked any of my x's...so that was chill...then we flew out later that day and got back home around like midnight...and went to alairs parents house..and opened more presents it was fun and silly...i felt stupid opening presents in front of a camera haha...yeah then we took showers haha cause we didn't wanna take showers in philly so we wore pj's on the plane haha...yeah so over all it was an adventure...haha

latley things have been good, working and looking for second jobs...had an interiew yesterday hopefully i get the job, he seemed pretty empressed..yeah so my hands are starting to hurt haha..

i recently cut my hair short and have been styling it like elvis haha or so some say haha...yeah i like it a lot and so does everyone else its cool...the other night me alair and amanda went to dennys omg it was the funniest thing i have ever wittnessed haha...saterday we are taking a limo into the city to eat at cheesecake factory for amandas b day that should be hillarious...i met her bf he wants to start a band with me too hahah he seems cool and huge ahaha..like tuff haha..buff if you will haha...yeah.

yeah so me and alair haven't really been up to anything eccept watching tv, eating, sexing, and sleeping...i miss melissa a lot i told alair that and she agreed...i wanna meet her new boyfriend he seems cool...hopefully we hang out with her soon.

last night me and alair got mcdonalds and went to the movies to see lemony snickets or something with jim carrey...anyways it was good i like it...but its weird...the filming is creeping but cool...me and alair have been taking lots of pictures and such and hopefully she puts them up on myspace soon cause i mean we look totally different from those old pictures haha..yeah i am pretty bored of this computer now so i think i might go take a drive to wendys mmmmmmmhmmmmmmmm should be yummy...oh yeah next weekend me and alair are taking our trip to nevada to go see the gin blossoms at a casino..we get our own table and diner...haha me and alair decided to dress up and look at fansy for the show, its gonna be great i cant wait..we are staying at some weird hotel too ahah...awesome...anyways i am out i need food for my fat ass..alright bye<3xo

9i'm sorry that wasn't enough| from the start all i had to offer you was my heart

[01 Dec 2004|03:19am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

so i haven't written in this in a while probobly because its lame...but since i cant sleep i thought i mine as well...so yeah i have been working a lot at hottopic and making lots of new friends out here in cali...things have been awesome and they keep getting better and better...i dont regret a thing...i am happier than i have ever been in my whole life...thanksgiving was pretty cool i got to meet alairs whole family pretty much hhah..kinda scarey since i am super shy and all..yeah..its been super cold but it aint snowing...thank god...i hate massand how cold it was...yeah so alair bought me an awesome jacket it has fur on the hood hehe...yeah its awesome i wear it everyday even when its not that cold...yeaaahhh...bryan my room mate is awesome we share clothes and stuff its funny haha...hes always asking meabout bands and stuff but he knows all these awesome bands that i've never heard of so its chill..yessa...hes obsessed with converge..hah..he wears my american nightmare hoodie like everyday haha...and everyones like isn't that billys haha..but its ok cause i wear like all his stuff to haha so were even hah..

so yeah for christmass alair and i are going to boston...shes never been there so its should be fun for her but its gonna blow for me since i hate mass and its probobly snowing there yeah..and then christmass eve me, alair, seth, and my dad are flying out to philly to meet my dads new gf who hes getting married to soon hehe...should be super fun...yeah he bought me and alair tickets to come cause he wants us there so bad so it should be fun...hes like you guys can have my room haha...i was like naw its cool haha...yeah...my dads weddingshould be hillarious..then i think christmass night me and alair are flying out of philly back to cali...so it should be a fun week i guess....lots of flying..scarey...but funner when alairs there with me and its not just me like it has been...anyways...david moshmello keeps calling hes coming to visit me in january...hes been telling me how he wants to move out here with me...that would be even funner then it already is...mass sucks...i never wanna go back unless its to visit familyor freinds...

so yeah i guess reachout broke up which is just simply hillarious considering i am the one who started theband and named it and when i quit they broke up and went down hill...GOOOOD..HAHA..

in a few weeks me and alair are going on a road trip to las vages to see the gin blossoms...thats gonna be so much fun...we are gonna stay at motels and stuff hehe..i cant wait for that.

so yeah its like 5 in the morning here right now alairs sound asleep behind me so i think i should so snuggle upto her and sleep hehe..sooo cute hehe...me and alair are going to get more free tats in a couple days hehe..yeah we have class tomorrow so i am gonna sleep...goodnight!<3

5i'm sorry that wasn't enough| from the start all i had to offer you was my heart

[02 Nov 2004|07:13am]
[ mood | tired ]

Nothing I call love can clear away the clouds
To see beauty, to live under the light of you
Nothing I call love can clear away the clouds
From this cold and rainy day
Just like nothing but fear
Can keep me walking through these dreams
And as the scent of you fills my lungs
My minded is burned inside out
To see beauty once more
I see the world as full as you
And when you're gone I see only grey
Your smile makes my heart stand still
As alive as my trust is for you
The greater my descent in your absence
I hear the rain outside and realize
That I have yet to live under the light of you
This loneliness stands between me
And my own true happiness
As alive as I am outside
A part of me dies when I hear your distant voice
I can't be saved if love cant save me

from the start all i had to offer you was my heart

[01 Nov 2004|03:37am]
[ mood | loved ]


*got my septum pierced

*went up a size with my pluggs( they look huge lol)

*me and alair got matching tattoos(sacred hearts, with quotes)

*dyed my hair black except for my streak haha

i wanna get my bridge pierced..but i'm not sure if i am gonna yet..alair doesn't think i should but i dunno..we'll see..haha..me and bryan are gonna go every week to get tatted..bryan is so funny hes like already covered haha.

i guess alair was hnaging out with her friends mike and jordan these two huge tuff guys...and they asked her to meet them at a resteraunt..and they thought i was with her but i wasn't and they were like wheres billy i wanna meet him and she was like hes not with me haha...so then they were all hanging out i guess and they were looking threw her cds and my cds are in there too...so i guess they were like 7 angels 7 plagues!!!!!..the promise!!!!! we aprove of billy already haha...that cool i guess...and she was telling me they wanna start a band with me...jesus..i have three bands i could be in...i cant wait to start singing again...i hated playing guitar...def wasn't me..anyways..

my hair is getting so long..i love the way alair styles my hair and cuts it..i wish i could do that haha...she has to do it for me when we go out places which is like everyday haha...yeps...we are going to the buffalo exchange to sell some old clothes and then i think we are going to blondies for pizza mmmm...cant wait...alair got both sides of her lips pierced instead of a monroe haha..i told her she shouldn't get that and she was like i dont want it but everyone was telling me to get it haha...so she got both sides of her lip pierced...and she dyed her hair like so blonde its like white haha but so hott omg...were gonna go to the docks and be lovers like always goodbye!<3

3i'm sorry that wasn't enough| from the start all i had to offer you was my heart

so funny, i stole this from ginger<3 [01 Nov 2004|02:22am]
[ mood | happy ]

Billy and Alair
  • Might have three superior children.
  • Enjoy opportunities to hug each other exuberantly.
  • Need chaperoning.
  • Feel very newlywed.
Orchestrated by ianiceboy

from the start all i had to offer you was my heart

[26 Oct 2004|06:12pm]
[ mood | amused ]


from the start all i had to offer you was my heart

[21 Sep 2004|01:39pm]
xoglassXOjawxo: hey bill its shawn
CantUseemyScars: whats up
xoglassXOjawxo: nothing, you
CantUseemyScars: nothing about to go out
CantUseemyScars: is it true that you had sex with 31 girls?
xoglassXOjawxo: yeah
CantUseemyScars: really?
xoglassXOjawxo: yeah
CantUseemyScars: and you were complaining about how many people i did?
CantUseemyScars: haha
CantUseemyScars: jesus man
CantUseemyScars: thats a lot how did you manage that
xoglassXOjawxo: i wasnt complaining about how many you did i wanted to know if you had me beat
CantUseemyScars: well no i def dont not even close haha
xoglassXOjawxo: i started on my 13th b-day so i have the years
CantUseemyScars: wow
CantUseemyScars: anyone i know?
CantUseemyScars: haha
xoglassXOjawxo: i couldnt tell you but i dont think so
CantUseemyScars: thats crazy
CantUseemyScars: lol
xoglassXOjawxo: yeah
xoglassXOjawxo: im trying to settle down now
CantUseemyScars: ha i see
CantUseemyScars: i haven't had sex since my last girlfriend in april
xoglassXOjawxo: was that chrissy?
CantUseemyScars: no haha she was my second ever
xoglassXOjawxo: oh
CantUseemyScars: u do her?
CantUseemyScars: haha
xoglassXOjawxo: no
xoglassXOjawxo: she was so smashed the other night i couldve though
CantUseemyScars: hahaha
CantUseemyScars: shes coool...were just friends i would never do anything with her again lol
xoglassXOjawxo: yeah, thats cool
CantUseemyScars: but you can haha
xoglassXOjawxo: ha
CantUseemyScars: i heard james wants to jump me or something?
CantUseemyScars: hah
xoglassXOjawxo: james is stupid
CantUseemyScars: i dunno
xoglassXOjawxo: hell never do any thing unless i start it
CantUseemyScars: but he would die if he tried
CantUseemyScars: lol
CantUseemyScars: but i never wanted to fight
xoglassXOjawxo: no comment
xoglassXOjawxo: i got to go though
CantUseemyScars: whatever i gtg hang out with my dad peace
CantUseemyScars: bye
3i'm sorry that wasn't enough| from the start all i had to offer you was my heart

[20 Sep 2004|02:06am]
this sucks, this really fucking sucks...why do i still care?, why the fuck do i still think about you every five seconds...ahhhhh...get out of my head!!!!!!....wtf...why the fuck do i still cry....aK:SJbgASP:Kdfbguj:sfI...WHY THE FUCK CANT I SLEEP...WHY THE FUCK DOES EVERYTHING HAVE TO REMIND ME OF YOU....SOMEBODY PLEASE KILL ME!
from the start all i had to offer you was my heart

[12 Sep 2004|08:41pm]
[ mood | cold ]

today was actually fun...went mini golfing with chris, ginger, brandon, and krysten...and then went out to eat...two couples and me like it used to be...but i did have fun...thanks guys

i'm really starting to love the back of your head!

1i'm sorry that wasn't enough| from the start all i had to offer you was my heart

[09 Sep 2004|10:06pm]
i cared so much about you, that i must have forgotten to care about myself, ha maybe i never will.
from the start all i had to offer you was my heart

[09 Sep 2004|09:49pm]
[ mood | scared ]

well what else is new each day gets worse what can i say...my life sucks...work is alright i am gettingthe hang of it...i like it, plus i get paid a lot...me and chris are getting a apartment soon thats all we been talking about and doing....well pretty much my life since i fucked it up has sucked...i have been working everyday...coming back to chris' and sleeping or trying...me and chris went to the super wal mart the other day to look at stuff for our apartment...but it reminded me of kerri so much so i wasn't so happy the whole time...it was nice of chris to bring me to wal mart to cheer me up ha...i honestly think i wont be happy again..i haven't smiled in like a week...oh well maybe a fake one to my boss but thats about it...i miss kerri....today we played a show, we sounded really good...kids danced...we left before, still crossed, the acacia strain, black my heart and bury your dead...cause i wanted to go home....yeah so i have one freind pretty much left...sean and josh dont like me anymore...i dunno if dave or jared do but whatever....i am honestly to busy focusing everything now on work and not caring about anyone or anything....my life sucks...i realized that....i would rather spend the rest of my life sulking in my room and working constintly then trying to find someone else....no one will ever make me feel the way you do....i cant believe you dont see the way you affect me....i love you...i am still gonna prove to you that i love you!

and i give up forever to touch you, cause i know that you feel me somehow, your the closest to heaven that i'll ever be and i dont wanna go home right now, and all i can taste is this pain and all i can breath is your life and sooner or later its over, i just dont wanna miss you tonight, and i dont want the world to see me, cause i dont think that they'd understand, when everythings made to be broken i just want you to know who i am, and you can fight the tears that'v been coming and all the moments of truth in your life, when everything feels like the , yeah you bleed just to know your alive, and i dont want the world to see me, cause i dont think that they'd understand, when everyhtings madeto be broken i just want you to know who i am, i just want you to know who i am, i just want you to know who i am!

i would rather live the rest of my life alone and die alone by myself than not be able to have you....and if thats what has to happen then so be it....fuck who the fuck is gonna care about my life now....night

from the start all i had to offer you was my heart

[07 Sep 2004|03:46pm]
well today is by far the worst day of my life....honestly i dont know what to do....i really wanna die....i cant live a day without either hearing your voice and seeing you....and now i will never see you for a long time.....but for me....that long time is forever to me....i love you...i didn't mean for any of this to happen....i have done nothing but try to make you happy....and alls i had to say was no....i wish idid...i wish i wasn't so nice....i fucking hate myself...and i think its time to leave.....i love you kerri so much, you will never know...i still wanna prove how much i love you....and i am gonna....somehow...you will see....you mean the world tome...i dont know what to do...i am so scared....and i have no one to talk to....isn't my life amazing....you have a right to be mad, but not to stop hanging out with me and not talk to me anymore....i would rather die then live that way again....without you is like why dont i just kill myself....and today is pretty close....i seriously love nothing, nothing at all but you....i will never stop crying until you callme...but i dont know where i will be...i am leaving....and i dont know where i am going and i am nottelling anyone...but i seriously hate myself more than anything and the one bit of life(love) i have left in me, hates me!....what am i gonna do? what would any of yous do...the same thing...i am leaving.....and dont calljust leave me be....i will never forgive myself...i love you kerrri...the only person i wanna hear from is you....but i dont know where i will be...but i am honestly gone tonight.....sorry that i didn't say no.....i am leaving at 12 if you want to talk to me before i leave...call chris' cell....i miss you so much.....i miss just being with you and holding your hand......I FUCKING WANTED TO WATCH EDWARD SCISSOR HANDS WITH YOU MORETHAN ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!....i hope that tonight is my last.....dont none of you feel bad for me at all.....i fucking hate all of you....honestly...i could care less if you all died....the one thing i actually do care about.....hates me....what am i to do....i am gone.....theres no reason living a life that is worthless to you and everyone around you....no one actaully cares.....no one will ever make me feel the way kerri does.....fuck you alll....but most of all fuck me....i hope i die tonight....to all the people that actually did care about me...im sorry i didn't show it.....and to anyone else who thought they knew me you didn't.....and to kerri i WILL prove to you i love you....goodbye!
1i'm sorry that wasn't enough| from the start all i had to offer you was my heart

[26 Aug 2004|12:38pm]
camryn x hate: how are things with kerri?
CantUseemyScars: alright
camryn x hate: just alright?
camryn x hate: soo
CantUseemyScars: its good i guess
CantUseemyScars: but people are stupid
CantUseemyScars: just beng being asshoels cause they dont want me to go back out with her
camryn x hate: yeah, well probably because of what happened before.
CantUseemyScars: yeah but i am trying to get my life together and things are goin alright but then people say stupid shit
CantUseemyScars: you know
camryn x hate: yes i know.
CantUseemyScars: :-\
CantUseemyScars: it sucks sometimes
CantUseemyScars: last night i cried myself to sleep cause i am a pussy
CantUseemyScars: :-\
camryn x hate: why did you cry?
camryn x hate: where are you?
CantUseemyScars: because kerri was in a bad mood and was all pissed at me because of poeple i slept with before..i can understand why though
CantUseemyScars: kerris but shes at work
CantUseemyScars: i hate girls
CantUseemyScars: but i like you dont worry
CantUseemyScars: and kerri
camryn x hate: haha i am not worried...
camryn x hate: wait, so you slept with more people since you've been trying to get back with kerri?
CantUseemyScars: no
CantUseemyScars: no of course not
camryn x hate: well that is good.
CantUseemyScars: i just love kerri so much like i could live the rest of my life with just holding her hand
CantUseemyScars: like
camryn x hate: yes, i know...
camryn x hate: i know how much you love her billy, you don't even have to tell me.
camryn x hate: you've never stopped loving her.
CantUseemyScars: the other day we were just laying in her bed in the morning and she grabbed my hand and pulled me over to her
camryn x hate: no matter how shitty of a person you were to her..
CantUseemyScars: made me happy
camryn x hate: and no matter what fucked up shit, you've done..
camryn x hate: deep down you love kerri and you just need to get your shit togethe
camryn x hate: r
CantUseemyScars: thast what i am doin
camryn x hate: i know..
CantUseemyScars: i am trying to get my life together with the one person i really care about
CantUseemyScars: :-\
camryn x hate: it just takes time... you have to be pacient.
camryn x hate: i can not spell.
CantUseemyScars: i think she knows that
CantUseemyScars: its ok
camryn x hate: yeah..
camryn x hate: i am sure that she knows it
CantUseemyScars: like sometimes i feel like if i would die then maybe she would know how much i luv her
CantUseemyScars: kjblkvjvjdbv...my heads all fucked right now
CantUseemyScars: anyways
2i'm sorry that wasn't enough| from the start all i had to offer you was my heart

[12 Aug 2004|08:14pm]
i suck i wish you liked me as much as i like you...sorry...dont hate me?
1i'm sorry that wasn't enough| from the start all i had to offer you was my heart

[06 Aug 2004|04:37am]
[ mood | crazy ]

Oo jeamoe oO: how many tattoos do you have
CantUseemyScars: who cares
Oo jeamoe oO: i cared enough to ask
CantUseemyScars: well i could gived two shits
Oo jeamoe oO: okay
CantUseemyScars: i need to go to the gym
Oo jeamoe oO: at 4 in the morning?
CantUseemyScars: yep i am a fat piece of shit
Oo jeamoe oO: sorry
CantUseemyScars: yeah
CantUseemyScars: wanna come?

Oo jeamoe oO: no thanks
CantUseemyScars: why not
Oo jeamoe oO: b/c i havent slept yet
CantUseemyScars: oh well i dont think you need sleep i think you need to get off your ass and do a lil walkin
Oo jeamoe oO: thanks
CantUseemyScars: ;-)
CantUseemyScars: jk
CantUseemyScars: but i am a waste of life
Oo jeamoe oO: oh?
CantUseemyScars: yeah
CantUseemyScars: i used to be skinny and now i am huge
CantUseemyScars: those are old pics
Oo jeamoe oO: ok
Oo jeamoe oO: that sucks
CantUseemyScars: yeah i hate it
CantUseemyScars: i seriously need to shave a lil off
CantUseemyScars: its getting bad
Oo jeamoe oO: whats stopping you then
CantUseemyScars: you
CantUseemyScars: you wont go to the gym with me
CantUseemyScars: peanut
Oo jeamoe oO: peanut?
CantUseemyScars: peabut and corn cakes
CantUseemyScars: ii cant get enough
Oo jeamoe oO: lol okay
CantUseemyScars: yep
CantUseemyScars: shit
CantUseemyScars: ouch
CantUseemyScars: an anal bead just fell out my ass
Oo jeamoe oO: that sucks
CantUseemyScars: yeah
Oo jeamoe oO: arent you sitting down?
CantUseemyScars: no
CantUseemyScars: i am actually on the shitter with a lab top
Oo jeamoe oO: okay
Oo jeamoe oO: i cant get my wireless to work its fucked
CantUseemyScars: my works
CantUseemyScars: do you like anal sex
CantUseemyScars: ?
Oo jeamoe oO: no
CantUseemyScars: why not
CantUseemyScars: i love it
CantUseemyScars: would you push my buttons
Oo jeamoe oO: what do you mean
CantUseemyScars: why not is it because i'm fat
Oo jeamoe oO: no
CantUseemyScars: jerk
Oo jeamoe oO: haha, yeah i'm such a jerk
CantUseemyScars: well i gotta go jerk it till blood shoots out and i should be back in two shakes of a lambs tail...think about the idea of my hard salami in your asscushon!
CantUseemyScars: ok?
CantUseemyScars: shit i just poppped a hemriod
Oo jeamoe oO: oh damn that sucks
CantUseemyScars: yeah
CantUseemyScars: but seriously i have to d1rain my ass because my friend just bleew it all up in me
CantUseemyScars: it hurts i can feel it coming out my nose
Oo jeamoe oO: okay, have fun with that
CantUseemyScars: i ned help?
CantUseemyScars: need
Oo jeamoe oO: ask your friend
CantUseemyScars: wanna toss my salad
Oo jeamoe oO: no thanks
CantUseemyScars: why not it taste like boy buter
CantUseemyScars: and cocoa buttrer
Oo jeamoe oO: i'm sure it does
CantUseemyScars: do you like buttermilk?
Oo jeamoe oO: no
CantUseemyScars: seriously you got me on my knees begging for buttermilk
Oo jeamoe oO: how?
CantUseemyScars: my tumer is acti9ng up
CantUseemyScars: have you ever gaged your butthole out?
Oo jeamoe oO: no
CantUseemyScars: i am up to a three inch
Oo jeamoe oO: that must be fun
CantUseemyScars: fantastic
CantUseemyScars: smells like popo
CantUseemyScars: poopoo
CantUseemyScars: douche?
CantUseemyScars: do you know how
CantUseemyScars: tell me how
Oo jeamoe oO: to what?
CantUseemyScars: i ned help
CantUseemyScars: douche
Oo jeamoe oO: no
CantUseemyScars: fuck you dont clean your stink
CantUseemyScars: i mean pink
CantUseemyScars: my friedn said he would fuck your chunky bum
Oo jeamoe oO: fabulous
CantUseemyScars: flap jack
Oo jeamoe oO: i have to go, good luck w/the fat thing, and the anal beads.. and the man milk in ur ass, talk to you later
CantUseemyScars: bye buttermilk

hahahahahahahahahahahaha this shit is great...i love it when stupid slutty girls from myspace start talking to me and then i make them feel like shit...well me and jared!!lol..i have never laugh so hard!

4i'm sorry that wasn't enough| from the start all i had to offer you was my heart

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